How do I do a trademark registration for my company?


I have started a new business and want to get my company trademark registered.


  1. The first step is to carry out research to know whether a particular trademark is available to be used as per the criteria for registrable trademarks under the laws of the government.

  2. The next step is to file the trademark application at the trademark office.

  3. After the filing is done, the trademarks registry will examine the trademark to ensure it meets all the requirements for registration in India.

  4. If it is accepted, the process moves ahead to trademark publication.And if it is not accepted, a hearing for the same can be requested.

  5. After the trademark is included in the trademark journal,a third-party with a similar trademark for similar goods can oppose the registration, If no oppositions arise within 4 months when the trademark journal was made available to the public, then the trademark registration certificate will be issued.