How do I keep my warehouse and store safe?


Please suggest some ways to keep the warehouse and store protected.


Here are few tips to keep your warehouse and store protected:

*Keep properly functioning fire extinguishers and sprinklers handy to protect against fire.

*If your warehouse and store are in an earthquake-prone area, make sure the storage racks are durable enough.

*Barriers such as wire mesh on the front and back of rack shelves can prevent falls during earthquakes.

*Use thicker and larger foot plates to keep storage racks firmly in their place or fix the racks on the floor with nuts and bolt.

*To prevent damage by flooding, keep the storage with stock higher from the ground, with the help of racks or platforms.

*Draining pipes can be fitted with non-return valves (NRV), while the doors and ventilation spaces can be fitted with guards to prevent the water from seeping in.

*Use high-velocity low-speed fans for quick evaporation, in case the water gets in.

*Keep electrical fittings at a height to ensure they don’t get submerged.

*Get your store and warehouse insured, to be able to claim at least part of the damages!