How do I manage my customers?


I have heard of people using WhatsApp to keep in touch with customers? How effective is it?


Yes, WhatsApp can be very effective to keep in touch with existing customers, and also find new ones. If your customers are happy with your services, this added benefit will definitely make them recommend you to friends, relatives, and neighbours.

Here’s what you can do with WhatsApp!

  1. Politely ask your customers to share their contact numbers with you. Tell them you will share discounts, offers, etc. from time to time.

  2. Create a WhatsApp broadcast list of all your customers, or send messages one by one.

  3. Send across the day rates, best offers for the week, etc. depending on the nature of your products to help customers.

  4. Create simple questions and share them in the group to get feedback.

  5. Use the ‘WhatsApp Status’ feature to share promotional codes, flash sales, coupons, new stock of products, etc.

  6. You can also use the Status feature to share live demos of new products, to inform customers.

Keeping your customers updated will definitely help you get their loyalty, and generate more interest for your store.