How to do customer service by giving gud service after they buy from me so they buy more from me and not go to other shop?


my customr complain other shop is more gud than my shop because they giv gud service after purchasing.


It is very simple to serve your customers better with an after-sales service.

  • Greet your customers with a smile
  • Listen to what they have to say and also give proper answers to their questions
  • Teach your staff to be polite
  • If a customer comes back to you with a damaged product, if you have a better quality product at a lesser price, please convey this to the customer, this will make the customer happy and help in earning customer loyalty.

By providing a great after-sales service, you can find out if your customers are happy with the product or service - and make changes if needed.

Your customers will be happy and will also tell about your shop to others, which will help in increasing sales.