How to get more customer?


I want to increase business. How to attract more and more customer?


There are lots of ways - you can either offer seasonal discounts on your products and services, offer doorstep deliveries to your customers, keep in regular touch with your customers and give out all relevant information using WhatsApp, etc. You can also list your products on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc, if relevant.

Apart from these, make sure you keep store/office clean and presentable all the time, especially if you have customers/clients walking in throughout the day. Remove all stale or old products from the shelves, and keep the store or office well-lit. Train your staff to be polite to customers, and help them in every possible way. Pay attention to your signboard - make sure it is attractive enough to attract the attention of passersby. Keep attractive products at the window.

Earning and keeping clients is all about customer service and good quality products.