I get really stressed sometimes with regards to my Business, please give some tips for the same


I have a small business and I get really worried about its growth.


Here are some tips to manage stress and make life a little easier:

  1. Automate and Delegate: Payroll, Project management, Customer Relationship Management, tracking time and attendance of your employees etc. , all can be managed by technology tools. Delegate work properly and if needed hire some freelancers or part-time employees.

  2. Learn to say No: If a situation or a project or an employee stress you out too much it is better to take a step which includes firing the employee or halting that project for some time.

  3. Relax and take a Break: Running a business especially a startup is not easy. As your mind is always working, this does not give enough time for relaxation. So, learn to relax. To declutter your mind, take a walk, call a friend or turn on your favorite music for a while.

  4. Exercise properly and take a proper Diet: At least 30 minutes of daily exercise gives relief from stress. Have a proper, health,y and nutritious meal and foods low in fat and high in fiber.

  5. Get Enough Sleep: A sound sleep of at least 8 hours will help you feel better.

  6. Learn to let go: Learn to let go of things that are not within your control, and focus on making the most of what you have!