I think an employee's stealing from the store


I suspect someone’s stealing products from my store. I do have a CCTV camera installed in the store - but only near the checkout. I never thought of installing one in the store room. What do I do to ensure that this doesn’t happen?


Having a CCTV camera is a good way to keep employees or customers from trying to steal stuff. Another way is to install systems that don’t allow all employees to enter certain areas, like the store room. Give access to only certain employees, after checking if you can trust them.

But, it is more important to choose employees well. Do you check the background of your employees - where they come from, or if there are any records against them?

Provide a way for employees to report a theft by other staff . This needs to be done carefully – you don’t want your employees to think you don’t trust them!

Another way is to plan employee schedules in a way, that there aren’t too few employees when the store opens or closes .

Make sure you keep talking to your employees, and observing them - are any of them suddenly staying late at work, or have developed any bad habits like gambling or drinking? Or, are they going through some personal issues? Circumstances can make people do the wrong thing - so always ensure that you know what’s happening in their lives.