Is there any business I could start with a low investment?


I do not have much of finances to start a new business.



There are a few businesses which can be started with low investment like freelancing, affiliate marketing,and organic farming.

Businesses are always in search of the right people for their company. With technology, it is not necessary to be present physically to be a part of the company.

People are always looking for the right people for their company and it is not necessary that the talent is always in office,technology has made it possible to be a part of the company without being physically present.Freelancing is one of the highest profit businesses that would lead to a high business income.

Due to the success of the E-commerce business, many businessma are moving towards it as it helps in giving that convenience, and an enhanced user experience, etc. Because of this, many e-commerce operators are looking for affiliate marketers to get more users on board. This also requires low investment.

Organic farming is the trend nowadays and the government has also started with some initiatives and has started taking some measures to promote farming in India. This business has good potential and can reach wider audiences/customers.