My aadhaar application got rejected, but I need an aadhaar urgently for taking a business loan


I want an Aadhaar urgently.



If after checking the Aadhaar status, you get any of the following messages:

Aadhaar Card Rejected.
Not Found.
Can’t be processed due to technical reasons.
You will have to reapply for another Aadhaar Card.

Then your Aadhaar application has been rejected.

You can reapply for an Aadhaar by visiting the UIDAI portal.

You can start with an online Aadhaar card appointmnet.After which you will be allotted a center for the application process.

At the center, you will be required to fill the application form following the instructions of the officials.

After you have made the application, keep checking the status.And once it has been processed fully,you can download the eAadhaar card or wait for the physical copy to arrive via post.