Sales in my artefacts business has been low lately.Can you help me with some tips to increase sales


I want to increase sales in my business.


Here are some things you can do to increase sales in your business:

Get your business listed on JustDial and so that people find you when they are looking for products that you offer.

Give some discounts for a limited period of time so that it creates a sense of urgency amongst your customers.

Use vinyl signboards and attractive displays so that your message is conveyed effectively.

Try making the store entrance attractive by using bright colours and lights.You can even use window displays to give customers an idea of your products.

Arrange low-priced items around the payment counter so that they catch customer’s attention, and will also help in selling these products.

Always place quick selling items in a way they are easily available to customers.

Teach your staff to be polite, so they greet customers when they come and guide them about what they need.

Remember to ask every customer’s feedback.This will help build stronger relationships and will also increase sales.