What are the things I should remember while listing my product on an E-commerce website?


I want to list my product on an E-commerce website since I doing it for the first time, I wanted some tips.


Some things you should avoid while listing your product on an E-commerce website:

Do not use common words like “Unique” . The words should be able to describe what your product really is.

Use adjectives where they have to be used , excess use of such words can cause a fake or false image because of which the customer might lose interest.

Do not keep your description very plain, try to create an identity so that there is brand recognition and recall.

Plan your content well and edit till you like. Read the text loudly to understand how it sounds because if you do not like it chances are customers might not like it as well.

Properly include the product title, feature details and product description. The title, feature details and the product description should not be more than 200, 500, and 2000 characters respectively. Add details like quantity, color, size, model name and number, etc. Use correct grammar and maintain the same tone throughout.