What are the types of insurance plans for small business owners?


I am a small business owner, I want to know about the insurance plans that are available.

  1. Get packages that protect your business from fire and other natural calamities

  2. General insurers have a specific plan to protect your business from loss of profit as an extension of the fire insurance

  3. Get insurance against theft or robbery

  4. There is a separate electronic equipment policy to cover the loss of data stored in electronic devices

  5. A commercial general liability plan covers a range of liabilities faced by a business

  6. There is an errors and omissions (E & O) policy, that provides insurance against third-party legal liability arising out of errors and omissions or negligence while rendering a service

  7. Workmen’s Compensation Policy covers compensation to employees for bodily injury, disability or death caused due to accidents that happen during the course of their employment

  8. Group personal accident and medical covers provide monetary support for your employees if there is a crisis without putting a financial burden on the business.