Which institutions I should contact to calculate my credit score?


I want some professional help to calculate my credit score to apply for a loan.



CIBIL is the most popular institution which helps with the analysis of all the past loans, financial resources, and credit cards’ activity of an individual.It also compares the credit history of the previous three years in the calculation with your credit score.

Apart from CIBIL,there are five more institutions:

Equifax offers services like risk scoring, portfolio reviews, credit information reports,and services to companies like credit and fraud management.

Crisil is a risk and policy advisory and credit rating company.

ICRA Limited is an investment information and credit rating company.

Experian provides services under the name, Experian Credit Information Company of India Private Ltd.

CRIF High Mark is a credit rating company that provides services like credit rating and analytics to retail consumers, MSMEs, commercial borrowers, and other micro-finance borrowers.